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Corey D. Scott


Rev. Corey D. Scott was called to pastor the Union Missionary Baptist Church on February 9, 2020. Since that time he has established himself as a remarkable influential servant leader. Pastor Scott's thrust includes strong biblical teaching, victorious Christian living, and a holistic approach to improving the lives of people.

As a radical and progressive visionary, Pastor Scott leads the people of God in enriched worship services with his practical, yet insightful and charismatic preaching style. His spiritual leadership is demonstrated in Christian growth in self responsibility, holiness, and bible study. 

Pastor Scott is dedicated to using his gifts to glorify God and edify God’s people. He is committed to leading the people of God into abundant living, holding fast to holiness, integrity and Godly purpose. This man of God, prefers to be among the people as much as possible, promotes God and family first, self-responsibility, and male leadership. He seeks to impact the people through practical biblical principles that promote, promise, and penetrate the hearts, minds, and spirits of those that seek refuge in Christ. Pastor Scott strives to change the way people view and engage the baptist faith through preaching, teaching, and self application of the Word of God. Pastor Scott is an avid family man and enjoys a passionate and enriching life with his wife, Lisa, their two sons, Titus and Isaiah.

"Laughter is good for anyone who has a life and it's God's desire for His children to enjoy all that He provides". 

The vision: "Experience God's Spiritual Awakening", has caught fire around Kansas City, and the best is yet to come. 

"I can show you, better than I can tell you"

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